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repress / подавлять, репрессировать, сдерживать
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, depress
hold back, restrain, constrain, curb, contain, repress
subdue (someone or something) by force.
the uprisings were repressed
Isabel couldn't repress a sharp cry of fear
As the plot unfolds, Sonya finds that she has to repress herself in order to fit into mainstream American culture and attain her goals.
Isabel couldn't repress a sharp cry of fear
As Wheeler and Kahn have noted, this shared impulse gestures to a primal desire to repress the mother's crucial role as a powerful agent in the birth of the male self.
It is their job to lobby politicians and persuade them to suppress, depress, repress , oppress, or do what ever it takes to maintain a grip on the price of silver.
To become American women, as Schreier phrases it, they had to repress much of what made them ethnically, individually, and hence naturally different.
A mere eight years after Sebald voiced grave concerns about Germany's propensity to repress the past, to always be ‘looking and looking away at the same time,’ it is now no longer possible to look away.
She in her buttoned-up cheongsams and high heels, he in his sober-toned shantung suits and narrow ties - they repress themselves in the high style of their day and wear their restrictions as badges of honor.
‘We need to look at obstacles in our organisational systems that repress the creative and spiritual energy of our people,’ she said.
Oftentimes we repress our motives to such an extent - for reasons of efficiency, self-protection, or otherwise - that they become completely invisible to us.