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representative / представитель, уполномоченный, делегат
имя существительное
representative, spokesman, member, agent, delegate, deputy
representative, plenipotentiary, proxy, envoy, commissary, assignee
delegate, representative, spokesman, deputy, legate
имя прилагательное
representative, personable, respectable, portly
representing, representative
characteristic, specific, distinctive, peculiar, representative, racy
имя существительное
a person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others, in particular.
Friends said it planned to focus on distributing its products, which include pensions and savings, through independent financial advisers and appointed representatives .
an example of a class or group.
fossil representatives of lampreys and hagfishes
имя прилагательное
typical of a class, group, or body of opinion.
these courses are representative of those taken by most Harvard undergraduates
(of a legislative or deliberative assembly) consisting of people chosen to act and speak on behalf of a wider group.
The company told the Blessington Forum, a representative body of the town's businesses, that it was considering turning the dump into a legal landfill.
serving as a portrayal or symbol of something.
the show should be more representative of how women really are
of or relating to mental representation.
‘We really need a representative office in China,’ says Wang.
The distinction is now moot; knowledge rhetorically induced from a representative anecdote will ironically contain both of Ransom's two knowledges.
There is still an opportunity for the Bush Administration to set Iraq onto a political path leading to representative democracy.
A wide blade putty knife is excellent for breaking up the soil and insuring a representative sample.
The main prerequisite of representative democracy is based on an assumption that an average citizen enjoys free and equal access to any political debate.
So in a way, it was a very positive iconic picture, which in a way was very representative of that point in time.
Rocks joined Alfred twenty years ago as a sales representative who traveled to music stores throughout North America.
The sheer number of illustrations is one of the book's main strengths and it is reasonably unlikely that any attempt to research a specific decanter will fail to locate a representative example.
In step two, managers, key employees and a Your Training Manager account representative attend a one-day classroom program at the customer's location.
A consensus in favour of Gurirab is steadily growing among the southern African states which have not had a local representative elected to the position since the establishment of the organisation.