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repot / пересаживать
put (a plant) in another pot, especially a larger one.
When I repotted the chewed-root bushes, I cut them back and added rootone and vitamin B to the soil.
If slugs are present it is best to wash off all the soil and repot the plant using fresh potting mix.
Look them over for any signs of insects and prune and repot any that may need it.
I would take a nice piece of nursery stock, and in four hours I would prune it, wire it, repot it and then wonder why it dwindled away on me despite my careful considerations.
If the soil starts drying out quickly and the roots are compacted, you'll need to pull the plant from its container, prune the roots, and repot the tree.
If it is the middle of summer and you have the time to repot the plant, wash the roots and wash the plant down with soap and water mixture, you could use the plant in your gardening collection.
Annually, after I repot the aquatic plants, the pool briefly turns green as the algae eat stirred-up nutrients.
If a plant becomes gangly, repot it in fresh potting mix and prune it back to stubs.
Workers at both hatcheries keep the plants healthy and repot the tillers, the product of asexual reproduction, which grow into mature plants.
In November / December, it is time to clean and repot the bulb.
Since plumerias are dormant and stored in garages and greenhouses for the winter, I would repot it in a larger container in spring.