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repository / хранилище, склад, вместилище
имя существительное
storage, repository, depository, reservoir, depot, deposit
storage, store, storehouse, depot, repository, cast
receptacle, container, repository, cistern
имя прилагательное
длительного действия
имя существительное
a place, building, or receptacle where things are or may be stored.
a deep repository for nuclear waste
Thus, the prudent practice, or praxis, of memory produced ethical behavior; by using the memory as an ethical repository and guide, an individual would be equipped to act prudently and ethically.
More than just a repository for books, the Adam Library served as a store for Charles's collections of smaller antiquities, curiosities, natural history, geology and ethnography.
This exhibition features 22 major works acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art directly from the artist in 1999, making the museum the largest repository of his works.
his mind was a rich repository of the past
It is the repository of ‘reasons’ of which Owen speaks in the above quoted passage.
Work is about to begin on one of the most important sections in the library - a new repository for rare books and manuscripts.
Will books continue to be our main repository of culture and history, or will they vanish with developing technologies, replaced by virtual pages?
The electorate's hope that his Cabinet would prove a genuine repository of positive change was the one slim reed on which the Party's recent political legitimacy had rested.
a deep repository for nuclear waste
Over the years, the Craig's bought 180 Hibel paintings and would later help found the Hibel Museum in Florida in 1977, a permanent repository for her art.