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reportage / репортаж, репортерский стиль
имя существительное
reportage, report, running commentary
репортерский стиль
report, inform, communicate, let know, reportage
имя существительное
the reporting of news, for the press and the broadcast media.
extensive reportage of elections
A self-taught artist, Ferdinand achieves an appealing bluntness, with the detail and graphic quality of reportage , using watercolor, colored pencil and ballpoint pen.
Both films function as sharp reportage as well as stories of political threat and intrigue, and their tone's ultimately accusatory: there's a problem, and it's being ignored right now.
It is impossible not to be reminded of the frenzied media reportage that has become the mainstay of American television news coverage.
Although enthusiastically received by its sold-out audience - a good portion of whom were clearly Burning Man alumni - it fails at the most basic level of documentary reportage .
What only the war correspondents present at the time knew, he said, was that Scoop was actually a piece of straight reportage , thinly disguised as a novel.
His response was to create - in the Irish Times - the most significant Irish newspaper of the 20th century, with its reportage , critique and record.
In May this year, we covered the burgeoning ‘grime’ scene with a brilliant piece of reportage that followed its rising stars through clubland and back to their tower block roots.
Now as in the past, the claim of reportage has always stood as a disavowal of responsibility for the pictures' contents.
John Hodgkiss edited the diverse selection of reportage and portrait photographs illustrating the book.
Design writing includes journalism, commentary, criticism, both popular and academic - it is practiced as essay, reportage , commentary, blurb, and now blog post.