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reply / отвечать
answer, respond, reply, account, return, account for
имя существительное
answer, reply, response, return, replication, rejoinder
report, record, account, return, reply
имя существительное
a verbal or written answer.
I received a reply from the firm's managing director
say something in response to something someone has said.
he was gone before we could reply to his last remark
In March 1837, writing in reply to a lost letter from Cole, Sturges echoed the artist's apprehensions and perhaps even his turns of phrase.
Without bothering the owner of the account, it would reply to any such message and tell the sender how much ‘postage’ he owed.
I received a reply from the managing director
In 1556, the British Lord Chancellor, appalled by the excessive 120 page length of a plaintiff's reply to a defendant's plea, had him fined ten pounds and imprisoned.
Instead the reply was, ‘I know very little about this term and thus have no policy.’
Stover's reply to the lawyer was, ‘No, I will not.’
I will check and reply to work e-mail at midnight or sunrise.
I had half-intended to reply to it up there; but instead I just re-read it, and re-studied it several times.
Never giving away security information in reply to an email/phone call (it is likely to be from a fraudster).
I just got a reply from the Director of the cinema, enclosing a copy of a press release.