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replicate / копировать, повторять, делать реплику
copy, replicate, imitate, pattern, calk
repeat, reiterate, replicate, iterate, rehearse, recapitulate
делать реплику
make an exact copy of; reproduce.
it might be impractical to replicate eastern culture in the west
имя прилагательное
of the nature of a copy.
a replicate Earth
имя существительное
a close or exact copy; a replica.
Subsequently, groups were randomly assigned to receive one of the three supplemental treatments (corn, rice bran, or soybean hulls), resulting in three replicates each of two years.
a tone one or more octaves above or below the given tone.
In particular, it would be important to replicate this study using different cultural products in order to see if the observed effects can be generalized across art product categories.
Perhaps they replicate each other and work together on occasion, but their roles are different.
This vaccine induces protective immunity but does not allow the virus to replicate - copy itself - or pass from bird to bird.
It argues for eliminating ‘cookbook labs,’ in which students replicate experiments where the results are already known.
In another plaque, Prussian blue pigment, meant to replicate copper corrosion, obscures much of the surface.
Hobby's architectural hypothesis that places parent-child bonds at the core of all forms of love is true on this view because of the operation of universal organic drives to reproduce or replicate ourselves.
She does idealize the island, at times, particularly as her characters try to replicate island culture within their (often dismal) mainland barrios.
The foregoing simulation simply assumes that the trials replicate themselves based on what works.
This is of particular importance since the surviving imperial portraits are copies that replicate officially sanctioned prototypes with varying degrees of fidelity and skill.
It works on strict adherence to the scientific method, through double-blind studies, good lab practices, etc. and the ability to replicate results.