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replica / реплика, копия, точная копия
имя существительное
replica, cue, line, speech, catchword
copy, replica, duplicate, counterpart, carbon copy, reproduction
точная копия
replica, carbon copy, dead ringer, ringer, counterpart, diplomatic copy
имя существительное
an exact copy or model of something, especially one on a smaller scale.
a replica of the Empire State Building
Once the resin hardened, it was removed to provide an exact replica of the bas relief.
An Eros attributed to Lysippos on stylistic grounds is known in several copies, of which the best-preserved replica is that in the British Museum.
One 1993 photograph, for instance, shows the replica Monument to the People's Heroes, but only by means of a partial reflection in a rain puddle.
A scale replica of the Church of St. Margaret, for example, was built near Mapledurham for scenes of windows being blown out and masonry shattered in the battle sequences.
That way, if customers see something that they like in a store and want an exact replica , they can have it that week.
One of the most striking pieces on view was Volkswagen Tire, a scale replica of a car tire made of fired black Oaxaca clay, which was placed on a low-lying pedestal in the center of the main gallery.
We would sail in an exact replica of James Cook's original Endeavour as near as possible under eighteenth-century conditions, but with the clear understanding that we were twenty-first-century travelers.
In replicating his art, and offering the replica as art, the atom of the original artwork was split.
The city has estimated that it would cost $110,000 to raze the existing work and rebuild an exact replica .
And next August, the Ripken World Series will be played in Aberdeen on a scale replica of Camden Yards, Ripken's home ballpark.