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replete / переполненный, насыщенный, наполненный
имя прилагательное
crowded, overflowing, overcrowded, packed, full, replete
saturated, replete, deep, impregnated, fertile, impregnate
filled, full, replete, charged, crowded, impregnated
имя прилагательное
filled or well-supplied with something.
sensational popular fiction, replete with adultery and sudden death
The combination of the flood of people hitting the pit, and the absence of a barrier, resulted in an insane dance floor, replete with gratuitous crowd surfing and lost brain cells aplenty.
It is full of moral speechifying and erudite detail and has a convoluted plot replete with melodramatic deaths and wonderful recoveries and coincidences.
New York politics is replete with ironies, but perhaps the choicest in the past decade was the crusade to teach the city good manners waged by a mayor who was virtually incapable of practicing them himself.
The same rock solid gameplay, replete with superb control and surprisingly deep levels, is back.
This at least provided welcome income for a gaggle of fading celebrities to promote, replete with numerous amusing errors, their own favourite historical characters along with their own careers.
What's documented here is that personal warfare, replete with bursting explosions and a splattering of machine-gun notes.
Fry's music is replete with opportunities for first-chair musicians, even down to the double-bassist, to show their wares, and the Scottish musicians respond without condescension.
The 12 inch came replete with a four track CD that screamed ‘SHARE ME’.
We went out to take some photographs in a marble courtyard replete with shrubbery and elephantine urns where uninterested figures dined al fresco.
How greatly his painting changed in Venice, replete with the pictures of Titian and Tintoretto, may be seen on entering the National Gallery exhibition, which starts with two of his Cretan icons.