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replenish / пополнять, дозаправить, снова наполнять
replenish, supplement, fill in, recruit, make up, fill out
refuel, replenish
снова наполнять
fill (something) up again.
he replenished Justin's glass with mineral water
Napoleon's previous campaigns relied heavily on the spoils of war to replenish the troops, so he was utterly unprepared for an adversary who would rather destroy his own kingdom than let another take it.
all creatures need sleep to replenish their energies
With some of the stress and urgency of the spring semester removed, we have time to reflect and replenish , to renew ourselves.
As a section's inventory ran low, library volunteers carted out cases of books from the front of the warehouse to replenish it.
McGurn says he'll advise against a slew of corporate proposals to replenish employee option plans recently depleted by makeup grants.
‘Europe is a difficult market, and we are totally aware of that,’ Cho said, after returning from a June trip to Burgundy to replenish his wine collection.
That meant that you could replenish all your energy anytime.
This total state of calm spreads throughout, giving every organ, tissue and cell a chance to replenish and benefit from their own vast stores of energy.
all creatures need sleep to replenish their energies
Each ability takes a certain amount of bio-energy, which Frost can replenish with energy packs scattered throughout the battlefields he fights through.