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replay / переигровка
имя существительное
replay, overplay, overact, emote, ham, mug
answer, respond, reply, account, return, replay
имя существительное
the playing again of a section of a recording, especially so as to be able to watch an incident more closely.
clouds can be studied in speeded-up replay
an occurrence that closely follows the pattern of a previous event.
a replay of last summer's civil disturbance
play back (a recording on tape, video, or film).
he could stop the tape and replay it whenever he wished
repeat (something, especially an event or sequence of events).
she replayed in her mind every detail of the night before
Or is it that plays are rooted in the moment and are not available for infinite replay as films are.
This course of action would be more readily embraced by the Ukraine were President Putin's preferred candidate, Viktor Yanukovich, to triumph unexpectedly in the proposed replay of last month's election.
clouds can be studied in speeded-up replay
the second goal was a replay of the first
This new test may avoid a replay of that devastating scenario by identifying the viruses earlier and with more accuracy,’ said Suarez.
If the assessors disagree about a candidate's prospects, they can go to the videotape and replay a critical moment.
Wilson equalized to earn a replay
a replay of last summer's civil disturbance
At this moment of crisis, Quinn walks to his apartment expecting that, in a replay of the Wakefield story, nothing has changed, that he can reclaim what he assumes must be his proper place in the world, and with it his old self.
In a cinema, we can certainly savour our sublime ‘moment’ if what we see stirs feelings of panic; watching a video, we can replay the occasion and ‘pause’ it as many times as we wish.