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replant / пересаживать, снова засаживать
transplant, replant, tranship, transship
снова засаживать
plant (a tree or plant that has been dug up) again, especially when transferring it to a larger pot or new site.
They carefully moved and replanted some of the scrub oaks to allow sight lines from the house down to the water.
Attempts to replant had obviously been made, but the topsoil had washed away and the saplings were dead.
When he does replant , he'll let the plants go to seed or, for small areas or new varieties, he'll broadcast the seed himself.
The team also worked with an ecologist to replant native seedlings in disturbed areas.
Beal has recruited hundreds of crews to clean up and replant around the streams and has now established a network of volunteer groups living in the area.
People need to replant what has been uprooted and give back what has been taken away.
Farmers who grow genetically modified varieties cannot replant or trade them without paying royalties.
Like dahlias you dig them up in the autumn, store in a frost-free place and replant in the spring,’ he says.
In my experience, whether you leave them in the ground or lift them and replant , unlike daffodils, tulips don't go on forever, and it pays to replace them every few years.
split the clumps and replant only those irises with healthy roots
Even back then, local foresters advised the couple on which species to replant .