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replace / заменять, замещать, вернуть
replace, substitute, surrogate, interchange, change, supersede
replace, substitute, surrogate, override, displace, act
retrieve, replace
take the place of.
Ian's smile was replaced by a frown
put (something) back in a previous place or position.
he drained his glass and replaced it on the bar
With land devalued, those needing wealth seek substitute assets to replace land in their portfolios.
This is required to replace older medicines that will eventually face competition from generic substitutes.
Much of the trade sought to replace imports with local substitutes of acceptable quality but lower cost.
In an ideal world, you should have enough cover to replace a breadwinner's entire income if s/he dies.
The problem with this new structure is that it does not replace or provide the kind of skills in sufficient quantity now needed in the new business environment.
A fall in the dollar from its pedestal with no substitute to replace it would be the very disturbing outlook suggested by an interpretation of the current trends.
Oskar learned then that no substitute could replace his drum.
This system designated the U.S. dollar as the international reserve asset, replacing gold in this role.
However, these will all be abolished and replaced by a single piece of legislation that covers all UK pensions.
Denzel Washington does his thing in the Sinatra role, replacing Frank's shaken-but-confident characterization with an unsure and frightened soul.