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repetition / повторение, повтор, репетиция
имя существительное
reiteration, repetition, repeat, recurrence, iteration, relapse
repetition, iteration, reiterative
rehearsal, repetition, run-through, try-out
имя существительное
the action of repeating something that has already been said or written.
her comments are worthy of repetition
There is always a melody - it is never straight note repetition .
The double is the literary negation of personal identity and the concept of character, just as the repetition of events is the negation of time and plot.
From the forced smiles and chorus-like repetition of ‘American’ to the clichéd piano player, everything to do with the play oozed Southern charm.
From the insistent repetition , one gets the impression that this is a phone call that has been made many times before and will be replayed in the future.
She concluded that the repetition of such images ultimately neutralizes their moral force.
there was to be no repetition of the interwar years
The earliest series of prohibitions against this rising print culture date to the late seventeenth century, and attempt to enforce a ban on the depiction of current events through periodic repetition .
The speech is poetic and uses repetition for emphasis.
He demonstrates how repetition changes meaning over time.
I think it matches to the idea of recalling advertisement creativity is set within the economy of time and repetition of an industry.