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repertory / репертуар, склад, хранилище
имя существительное
repertoire, repertory
storage, store, storehouse, depot, repository, repertory
storage, repository, depository, reservoir, depot, repertory
имя существительное
the performance of various plays, operas, or ballets by a company at regular short intervals.
a repertory actor
Ruskin Place is Seaside's ‘artist colony,’ with mixed-use buildings and a lawn for the town's repertory theater performances and art shows.
He became the first director of Liverpool repertory theatre in 1911, and in 1918 he was awarded an MBE for his services to national entertainment during the First World War.
If one looks hard, a small but viable repertory of choice American operas does exist.
a fair conspectus of Ferrier's repertory has been preserved for posterity
I also had twenty Mozart Concerti in my repertory .
Porgy must be one of the longest and most physically demanding roles in the repertory , and Alvy Powell meets the challenge eloquently despite occasional traces of vocal strain.
He entered repertory theatre in the late 1940s as an actor, and then worked as a racing driver and manager for the internationally successful Stirling Moss.
Slatkin has a great reputation for his performances of the British repertory .
Don Quixote entered the Boston Ballet repertory in 1982, with Rudolf Nureyev's staging.
A credential-laden custodian of the Tudor repertory , Donald Mahler, was entrusted with the staging so that nothing would be lost in the translation.