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repel / отталкивать, отражать, отгонять
repel, push away, repulse, push off, spurn, jostle
reflect, represent, mirror, repel, reverberate, repulse
drive away, repel, banish, fend, beat off, fence off
имя существительное
часы с репетиром
repeating watch, repeater, repel
drive or force (an attack or attacker) back or away.
government units sought to repel the rebels
be repulsive or distasteful to.
she was repelled by the permanent smell of drink on his breath
refuse to accept (something, especially an argument or theory).
the alleged right of lien led by the bankrupt's attorney was repelled
electrically charged objects attract or repel one another
If these levels undergo and repel attacks, they instill even more confidence in the traders who've defended the barrier and, as such, are likely to generate strong profitable countermoves.
government units sought to repel the rebels
Lt. Lane had never been required to repel any kind of onslaught since he'd taken command, but he was a well-trained Federation officer and had a masterful knowledge of all the defense tactics at his disposal.
like poles repel and unlike poles attract
He doesn't have the build for the Jackie Chan stunts he uses to repel the onslaught of his friends in crime-fighting, and he doesn't bear himself with heroic presence.
The sight and sounds of Tommy's thrusts shock and repel us; it's almost too much.
government units sought to repel the rebels
boots with good-quality leather uppers to repel moisture
McNamara and Blight argue that the U.S. should pledge not to use force unilaterally except to repel an attack, forgoing sovereign rights in favor of the collective security of a multilateral organization.