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repeater / ретранслятор, повторитель, репетир
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person or thing that repeats something, in particular.
In his district, he said, 12,000 incoming third graders next year will be joined by 13,000 repeaters .
For the first time ever, we had control over who used the repeater .
The power line is used as a network backbone - it can carry data traffic for something under a mile (or further if a repeater is installed in the line) before it has to be converted to some other medium like optical fiber or coaxial cable.
a fast-fire repeater
Moreover, your wristwatch-cum-caller ID will communicate with the repeater , saving you from fumbling around in your pocket whenever your phone rings.
Repeaters should be used everywhere else, since any jitter transferring through the repeater is low frequency and benign to downstream devices.
The maximum cable length between the control computer and the first repeater or between repeaters is 1,200 meters.
Chapter 5 briefly discusses devices evolved from original repeaters , bridges and routers like hubs, faster and virtual LAN techniques.
In the end, wireless signal repeaters can be a good solution for situations where you need to extend the range of your wireless LAN.
Unlike ordinary 3-watt cellular phones that service population centres and traffic corridors, the Autotel service pumps a 25-watt signal to proprietary, high-elevation repeaters .
By putting repeaters all over the place, it's possible to paste together a wireless network that truly works.