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repeated / повторный, частый
имя прилагательное
repeated, repeat, second
frequent, common, dense, repeated, thick, hourly
имя прилагательное
done or occurring again several times in the same way.
there were repeated attempts to negotiate
say again something one has already said.
“Are you hurt?” he repeated
do (something) again, either once or a number of times.
earlier experiments were to be repeated on a far larger scale
(of food) be tasted intermittently for some time after being swallowed as a result of belching or indigestion.
it sat rather uncomfortably on my stomach and repeated on me for hours
A short melody, usually in the bass, repeated continually with changing upper parts.
The discrepancies in the payment of pensions discussed earlier are repeated in the values of state pensions.
Kreuger made money from money, offering hefty dividends to attract investors to the repeated share offerings from his companies.
Both workers were employed by the Jorge Erazo Company, a subcontractor under investigation for repeated violations of safety rules.
In Leeds hospitals alone 60-70,000 admissions are drink-related - a picture repeated across the region.
Programmable shunts allow surgeons to adjust the settings on the shunt from outside the body, thereby decreasing the need for repeated surgeries.
Many of the scenes are repeated in slow motion.
This evening of appetising dishes to tingle the tastebuds is to be repeated on Saturday, November 24.
Best of all is the chapters on money management, which are repeated almost verbatim for each game.
Five dissident Iranian authors have been assassinated over the last two years following repeated death threats.