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repeat / повторять, повторяться, отрыгиваться
repeat, reiterate, replicate, iterate, rehearse, recapitulate
repeat, recur, occur again, tautologize, circulate
имя существительное
reiteration, repetition, repeat, recurrence, iteration, relapse
repeat, patter, boff, boffo
исполнение на бис
имя прилагательное
repeated, repeat, second
имя существительное
an action, event, or other thing that occurs or is done again.
the final will be a repeat of last year
say again something one has already said.
“Are you hurt?” he repeated
do (something) again, either once or a number of times.
earlier experiments were to be repeated on a far larger scale
(of food) be tasted intermittently for some time after being swallowed as a result of belching or indigestion.
it sat rather uncomfortably on my stomach and repeated on me for hours
The first four dances are for the man; the next three for the woman, one of them a repeat of the man's steps but on pointe; then finishing with two together.
a repeat prescription
The melody in the tenor part was also often repeated, but not always to synchronize with the rhythmic repeat .
That's why an experimenter will repeat his experiment, and average the results.
a repeat prescription
Here was a repeat of the French-Algerian War, which inevitably led to torture and crimes by both the French and the Algerian guerrillas.
And, clearly, the majority of Russians are averse to any repeat of the terror employed by the Soviets in 1918.
repeat steps 5 to 8
I don't intend to let history repeat itself
And, like the best composers, he's created shifting songs that reveal new meaning with repeat listens.