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repayment / погашение, возмещение, выплата
имя существительное
repayment, cancellation, extinction, cancel
compensation, reimbursement, recovery, redress, indemnity, repayment
pay, payout, repayment, disbursement, payoff, redemption
имя существительное
the action of paying back a loan.
They are intended to provide consistency in approach toward loan repayments .
Thus, whether or not a paragraph (b) scheme can permit repayment to the employer is a somewhat academic question.
he missed a monthly repayment
they're seeking repayment
Remarkably, there is a 98 percent repayment rate on the loans.
Whatever sum you borrow, the amount the bank wants per month will shrink the more you postpone the date of final repayment .
The average overall repayment rate of loans is a healthy 84 %, with some villages achieving a payback rate of over 90 %.
Thus the claim by Guinness for repayment is unanswerable.
Usually, therefore, the second mortgagee persuades the first mortgagee to obtain repayment on the same occasion.
Bankruptcy judges, who now have considerable discretion in fashioning or waiving repayment plans, will be required to follow much more restrictive guidelines.
the repayment of a loan