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repay / возвращать, возмещать, воздавать
return, repay, restore, bring back, give back, reimburse
reimburse, repay, indemnify, compensate, pay, offset
repay, render
repay, pay, retaliate, pay back, requite, pay out
отдавать долг
pay back (a loan, debt, or sum of money).
the loans were to be repaid over a 20-year period
To repay Arthur for once saving his life, Ford wants Arthur to join him as he flees the doomed planet.
A plan loan must be secured so that, in the event the participant is unable to repay the loan, the security is available to satisfy the participant's outstanding loan obligation.
these sites would repay more detailed investigation
He promises to repay the robbed travellers, and undertakes to obtain Sir John a place in the King's army during the impending civil war.
They need to earn a return that will be sufficient to eventually repay the loan.
This prompted concerns that lenders were focusing on market share and volume growth rather than their customer's ability to repay loans and mortgages in an increasingly difficult economy.
Now we would like to repay the kindness, not only in the economic field, but also in education,’ he said.
Nora hesitates to ask him for the large sum of money she needs to repay her debt to Krogstad.
Poor people have less money to spend and less money to repay their debts.
Smart people will repay you for your generosity many times over with their trust.