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repatriate / репатриант
имя существительное
возвращаться на родину
возвращать на родину
имя существительное
a person who has been repatriated.
Tourism is the third largest source of foreign exchange in the country, after repatriates and garments.
send (someone) back to their own country.
the United Nations hopes to repatriate all the refugees
Although most Ethiopians maintain positive sentiments toward their former country, very few opt to repatriate .
If the U.S. pushes too hard, Japan can threaten to repatriate the assets, leaving the U.S. economy in dire straits.
Companies would pay tax on those revenues in the year they are earned, rather than when they repatriate the money back to the U.S. In return, they would get a tax-rate reduction.
Erskine, the Quaker, offered to serve as a stretcher-bearer, but the British Embassy refused to repatriate people not prepared to join the armed forces.
He did not see active service during the war, but drove ambulances for the American Field Service and at war's end worked in Calcutta to repatriate prisoners of war.
the majority came to America as migrant workers who intended to repatriate to Hungary
foreign firms would be permitted to repatriate all profits
Along with the US, it could become a monopoly consumer of services and even repatriate revenue that doctors in developing countries earned from treating local patients.
Secondly, foreigners might refuse to roll over loans to a country and repatriate the repaid funds.
the majority came to America as migrant workers who intended to repatriate to Hungary