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repast / трапеза, пиршество, еда
имя существительное
table, repast
junket, repast
food, meal, eating, fare, meat, repast
food, nutrition, meat, diet, nourishment, repast
edible food, eatables, esculent, repast
имя существительное
a meal.
a sumptuous repast
The tea was excellent, with a light mint flavor; and the scones tasted wonderful as well, peppered with raisins and full of butter, a perfect repast for the relaxing traveller.
Combined with a glass of wine, sweet and vulgar in taste to any connoisseurs, such made for a perfect repast in the quiet of his home.
‘Sir, I should leave you to your repast ,’ I murmured as humbly as possible.
a sumptuous repast
It was grander than anything I had ever seen, and still it was only a repast of moderate splendor, for a mere young lord and his friends.
a sumptuous repast
Others show a pair of young men, their faces weirdly painted, toying with liquid-filled beakers and sitting down to a repast of blue-painted goose.
Before I allow you to start your repast , however, there is one more thing that I would like to say, or rather, do.
Meads defines the term banquet precisely, pointing out that a banquet served as a light repast or perhaps the final course of a feast rather than a feast in itself.
During that morning's repast I discussed with him Mexican food for an article I was in the process of writing.