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repartee / остроумный ответ, находчивость, остроумие
имя существительное
остроумный ответ
repartee, zinger, rapier-thrust, snip-snap
resourcefulness, resource, inventiveness, adroitness, readiness, repartee
wit, cuteness, wittiness, esprit, repartee, smartness
имя существительное
conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies.
You always seem to have a quick remark or witty repartee .
When he is not exchanging repartee directly with his beloved, Tom affects the cynicism of a full-blown Restoration rake.
The witty repartee , the insults, and the jabs were all so natural.
Cagney and Sylvia Sidney also worked well together, reflecting Cagney's respect for Sidney as an actor and also his enjoyment of her adeptness at witty repartee .
Madcap banter and witty repartee were the way everyone conversed.
If you get bored watching Connery drive his Aston Martin to a romantic rendezvous for some witty repartee , the movie will likely bore you.
Even though the thugs are armed with knives and chains, Edward is able to rebuff them with witty repartee and by revealing that his chauffeur carries a gun.
quick-fire repartee
he had a quick mind and a splendid gift of repartee
The script is pleasantly unpredictable, with some witty yet believably sharp repartee , especially between Jo and her mother.
The repartee is often funny, and the supporting characters hilarious.