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reparable / поправимый, восстановимый
имя прилагательное
reparable, remediable, rectifiable, corrigible, retrievable, recoverable
retrievable, reparable
имя прилагательное
(especially of an injury or loss) possible to rectify or repair.
The pilot for CAV-XML offered actual flow days computed on each depot-level reparable being repaired, from the day it was received at the contractor to the day it was shipped.
While the Siqueiros work is now buried beneath layers of overpainting, Tourje and his team are confident that the mural is reparable .
Colt was developed using the same mathematical logic as the AAM and Aircraft Sustainability Model used in reparable inventory management.
The system collects a wide variety of quarterly data from different systems pertaining to reparable items such as failures, lead times, base and depot repair times, and excess inventory.
Well, everything is reparable but I do think we've been on the verge of being somewhat naive about the former Soviet Union and its leadership.
The loss of a reparable asset out of the base-level maintenance system was unacceptable.
Indeed, Wallace, Kem, and Nelson's 1999 analysis suggested that 80 percent of working capital fund costs are fixed with respect to the amount of depot-level reparable sales.
From your description, this chimney is probably not reparable anyway.
Cotton is easily reparable as the damaged appearance can be reduced to a minimum.
Lichtenstein's 30-foot-high, stainless-steel statue was spared, as was a bronze sphere by Fritz Koenig, both sustaining reparable damage.
Of course, some costs to the environment, such as species extinction, are not reparable at any price.