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rep / репутация, репс, заучивание наизусть
имя существительное
reputation, standing, repute, rep, image, character
reps, rep, repp
заучивание наизусть
repetition, rep
репертуарный театр
член республиканской партии
rep, R.
имя существительное
a representative.
a union rep
once, when I was in rep, I learned the part of Iago in three days
a fabric with a ribbed surface, used in curtains and upholstery.
Instead, go for bold and simple patterns; choose repp stripes, various styles of diagonal stripes, or solid patterns.
(in bodybuilding) a repetition of a set of exercises.
don't forget to keep contracting your abdominal muscles as you perform each rep ; not contracting them is a primary reason you lose your balance.
act as a sales representative for a company or product.
at eighteen she was working for her dad, repping on the road
(in knitting patterns) repeat (stitches or part of a design).
rep the last row
(in the US Congress) Representative.
rep the last row
I don't know why caffeine's suddenly got such a bad rep
Europeans caught on first, then Jones' rep spread through the global club scene, eventually hitting the North American college market.
If your breathing and posture are correct, you will be able to perform each rep with control, concentration, precision and flow.
Start with one rep and a support for your feet, and build up to longer sets (try climbing up to hold number 8), more reps, and eventually fewer fingers.
Macbeth is in rep at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, until October 2.
Take your time; go relatively slowly with each rep .
His bad rep would buy them all the free press they could want, and he had the acting chops to back it up.
It has a longstanding rep as a place where countercultural creativity and characteristically Texan over-the-topness collide.
In the meantime he peered into the inside of the carriage, which was upholstered in blue rep , with silk fringes and trimmings.