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reorient / переориентировать
reorient, redirect
change the focus or direction of.
the country began reorienting its economic and social policies in 1988
The lack of opposition to the establishment of sea control has permitted the few large and powerful navies to reorient their focuses in a landward direction.
Changes in training have to be made to reorient the focus of both disciplines.
Now he just had to reorient the craft toward the lab, and wait for twenty minutes.
It is important that we rethink the roles and missions of the Guard and reorient them towards being more helpful and fuller partners in this effort of providing homeland security.
It is imperative to reorient the German political model more firmly toward the middle classes, the active, relatively well-educated and well-situated majority.
This in turn requires doing everything possible to attract inward investment and to reorient economic activity towards production for export.
Taken together, these developments led to a debate at the time of this research regarding the need to reorient the forest service toward a public service role with a constituency that would prominently include small farmers.
Would it be friendly to the United States and willing to reorient foreign policy in a Western direction, or would nationalism resurface?
With the shift of the film industry's attention away from serving the party as its propaganda tool to surviving in the commercial marketplace, the film industry had to reorient its production toward the sources of profits.
Theoretically, this angle can lengthen a contracted scar by about 75 percent and reorient the direction of the central wound by 90 degrees.