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reorganize / реорганизовывать, преобразовывать, переустраивать
reorganize, restructure, rejig, reorganise
translate, reform, reorganize, transfashion, reorganise
reorganize, rearrange
change the way in which (something) is organized.
we have to reorganize the entire workload
we have to reorganize the entire workload
But it needs to go much further and completely reorganize its electronics division.
we have to reorganize the entire workload
Lee recognized the inherent weakness of this system and began to reorganize the artillery arm.
And over the course of about three hours, the management team reorganized our entire organization.
He reorganized the army, ruled justly and was a lover of the arts.
My questions have to do with your proposals for reorganizing the financial system.
‘There was a tense period for the first few weeks after I took over, but we have restructured and reorganised the company internally,’ he said.
In the Form of Government of 1634, the central government was reorganized .
The financial system could be reorganized along the line of tapping into this significant source of external finance.