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reorder / изменение порядка
request (something) to be made, supplied, or served again.
the most popular toys will be reordered immediately
arrange (something) again.
he fixed his bed and reordered his books
имя существительное
a renewed or repeated order for goods.
Most of the work done there is for small collections, first-of-series orders, recuts and reorders .
Then reorder another cartridge straight away.
For more judicious control over the order in which the files in a title play, right-click on the title and select Properties, and reorder the tracks using the up and down buttons.
Using databases, statistical models, and forecasts, the software told him how many of each spare he had, how many he needed, which ones broke down most frequently, and when to reorder them.
The agencies need to coordinate personnel, reorder supplies, and report problems and progress back to their home offices.
Many of an organisation's greatest risks are unknown; the unexpected sources of danger that materialise suddenly can cause an institution to reorder its priorities for risk management.
Its aim is to break the logjam that has frustrated Middle East peace for fifty-odd years and then to reorder the map of an entire area to serve the strategic interests of the United States.
Mistakes would happen, and he might lose time in the field by having to reorder the part.
For that matter, it won't be long before customers like Young will be able to reorder supplies through their wireless Palms.
Another example in the supply system: We are getting to the point where a certain number of items in stock will trigger a reorder .
Astea's product will allow a customer to track spares, and also has a programme which can automatically reorder certain parts, to maintain a minimum level at all times.