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reopen / возобновить, открывать вновь, снова начать
renew, reopen, restore, recommence, take up the thread, resume the thread
открывать вновь
снова начать
recommence, reopen
open again.
after being renovated the house was reopened to the public
Perhaps he was simply reluctant to reopen a debate that came to define, if not paralyse, much of his second term.
The defendants were directed to bring a motion to reopen the trial.
India's fear that substantive negotiations will reopen the state's accession to India is unreal.
The ability to reopen proceedings after the ordinary appeal process has been concluded can also create injustice.
There are competing interests seen in a motion to reopen the trial.
They asked him to reopen his bank and cash their cheque.
He therefore saw no justification to reopen the proceeding before him.
In its last pitch it made a desperate bid to reopen the trial, calling new witnesses, and this was of course refused.
I think having a cinema will mean that kids can go somewhere in the evening and it might guilt the council into reopening the ice rink.
He is a strong advocate for reopening Aranda House as a youth refuge, but says his appeals to the NT Government are falling on deaf ears.