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renunciation / отказ, отречение, самоотречение
имя существительное
renouncement, refusal, failure, denial, rejection, renunciation
renunciation, abdication, denial, renounce, repudiation, recantation
renunciation, self-denial, self-renunciation, self-abnegation
имя существительное
the formal rejection of something, typically a belief, claim, or course of action.
entry into the priesthood requires renunciation of marriage
An additional two acts involve a citizen's formal and explicit renunciation of citizenship.
Fasting has always been part of the Christian and indeed other religious traditions, part of the rhythm of fast and feast, Lent and Easter, renunciation of the bad and celebration of the good that is at the heart of all great religions.
This is reminiscent of the pre-accord nuclear crisis in 1994 when the world grappled with the North to avert a possible disaster in the wake of its unilateral renunciation of the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.
a renunciation of violence
a renunciation of violence
Ironically, by the time of Tyndale's death, Henry's desire for a divorce had precipitated his renunciation of papal authority.
Every renunciation of instinct now becomes a dynamic source of conscience and every fresh renunciation increases the latter's severity and intolerance.
It concluded that, despite formal renunciation in the early 1960s of the old, abused doctrine of separate but equal, at a practical level separate and unequal remained the overall condition of black Americans.
The renunciation of its resolution, then made solemnly and in tears, compels us to regard the actions of its party members as nothing but a deceptive ploy to win public sympathy with the April 15 general elections in mind.
If the renunciation can be proven illegal, then the Aborigines can take all the land back.