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rental / арендная плата, сумма арендной платы, рентный доход
имя существительное
арендная плата
rent, rental
сумма арендной платы
рентный доход
rental, unearned income
имя существительное
an amount paid or received as rent.
The move also costs the state, which pays the line rental for thousands of pensioners under a scheme to boost security and social contact for the elderly.
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or available for rent.
rental properties
His hand shook slightly as he maneuvered the rental car through the heavy traffic.
The monthly rental is a flat rate because the internet connection is always on.
The Margaritas didn't happen, but truck rental did.
At present, these users receive two separate bills one from their new service provider for calls made, and one from Eircom for phone line rental .
Keep in mind that rental prices vary depending on how long you expect to rent the tux for.
Seeing the works in their permanent settings would have required numerous plane tickets, the rental of a car, and perhaps even a donkey or camel.
He predicted that 10,000 new rental units would be built within two years, and that vacancy rates would rise.
One impact that land shortage has had is on the availability of cheap rental accommodation.
Slip in a pair of big fluffy slippers and a coupon for a free movie rental .
Hendrix tried to prepare for the inevitable by purchasing rental property to generate another source of income.