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renown / известность, слава
имя существительное
fame, renown, prominence, notoriety, celebrity, repute
glory, fame, reputation, honor, renown, kudos
имя существительное
the condition of being known or talked about by many people; fame.
authors of great renown
Her pamphlets on faith and Christian living were gaining renown .
Most bands gain local renown but struggle to win respect beyond their own borders.
All of them are now dead, and most of their names have lost at least some of their former renown , so it is timely that they should be recognised anew.
The band attained renown for the players' high level of technical prowess.
In all your travels, which VIP of world renown impressed you the most?
She won national renown with the publication of a classic history of the Everglades in 1948.
Not one architect of national or regional renown was on the jury.
Over the centuries, such styles gained renown and were eventually taught to non-monks, spreading over China, then all of Asia.
This is all the more important as some Canadian researchers have established their careers there and have considerable renown .
Perform this task with perfection and you will bring honour and renown to your village.