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renovate / обновлять, ремонтировать, восстанавливать
update, renew, renovate, innovate, refurbish, novelise
repair, fix, renovate, overhaul, recondition, mend
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, renovate
renovate, refresh, brush up, furbish, duff, refurnish
refresh, freshen, freshen up, recreate, refurnish, renovate
restore (something old, especially a building) to a good state of repair.
the old school has been tastefully renovated as a private house
City officials expect to completely renovate the interior of the building, which suffers from mold and water damage.
How much you earn on renovations differs from one part of the country to the next.
So, there are just five months to go until the station is fully renovated , probably.
The house was built about 100 years ago and has been totally renovated .
The building was newly renovated and in a good location.
In 1992 the Old State House was provided with new foundations and was extensively renovated .
The house has been carefully renovated by its current owners, who are now embarking on another restoration project.
Speak with family and friends who have done renovations or built a home.
Oak Springs is in superb condition and has been tastefully renovated .
The family lived in the house while the first renovation was taking place.