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renegotiate / перезаключать
negotiate (something) again in order to change the original agreed terms.
the parties will renegotiate the price
But in reality lenders are more than happy to renegotiate payment terms if you run into such difficulties - which may not even happen.
The ability to improve supply chain management and to successfully renegotiate terms with customers to offset most of the current cost increases will, however, be vital.
A further implication of the suspension is that meat exporters to South Africa might be required to renegotiate the terms of export with South Africa.
the parties will renegotiate the price
Payment protection policies are expensive and unnecessary for many people, who can easily renegotiate their loans with their lender if they run into difficulties.
The photographer must offer to repair them or renegotiate the invoice charge.
He also said he would renegotiate contracts with unions and state employees, freeze spending on state contracts and travel and oversee a budget audit.
There has never been a better time to renegotiate a maintenance contract.
They recommend that both parties continually monitor and renegotiate the contracts.
They are often unnecessary and expensive - when borrowers can simply defer payments and renegotiate the lending terms.