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renege / отрекаться
renounce, repudiate, deny, retract, disown, renege
имя существительное
derelict, renege
A new theory predicts when countries will honor or renege on their international obligations.
The life insurer was forced last week to renege on its pledge.
there's one of them, anyhow, that didn't renege him
To appease unions, he reneged on promised labor-market reforms.
You reneged on your end of the deal when you started digging into my past.
If a player reneges his/her team is penalized 4 points.
It has reneged on many international treaties and at present it is busy concluding bilateral treaties with many countries to ensure that its own war criminals will never face the international court of justice.
Hospital authorities promised to pay up, after protests two months ago, but then reneged on the commitment.
Now the government is reneging on that commitment, to provide jobs for the boys.
In general, play stops when a renege is figured out and the reneger gets points for that hand, while the others get the points they have at that point.