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rendezvous / свидание, место встречи, место свидания
имя существительное
date, rendezvous, appointment, tryst, engagement
место встречи
venue, meeting point, rendezvous, tryst
место свидания
встречаться в назначенном месте
имя существительное
a meeting at an agreed time and place, typically between two people.
Not many get the chance to have a rendezvous with the 1980 All England badminton champion.
meet at an agreed time and place.
I rendezvoused with Bea as planned
Sissi House may sound like a camp rendezvous but this charming 17th century Jdeide mansion is a cut glass restaurant.
It describes one night in Vienna between their meeting on a train and going their separate ways, promising to rendezvous in six months.
Winston and the girl were finally able to arrange a rendezvous in the country.
While we're at it, we should throw in the fact that he so vividly recounts a rendezvous with an Antiguan immigration officer.
Mark and Tina sat in the reception awaiting their rendezvous with the principle.
I said to myself that all sounded legitimate enough, so I agreed to rendezvous with them for a drink at a bar near my house.
The Indian Coffee House at Spencer Junction soon became the rendezvous for members.
Marie's subsequent rendezvous with her husband to discuss the ransom money is quite absurdist, occurring on a very crowded street near a poissonnerie and a merry-go-round.
In the four hours it took Gabe to wait for his rendezvous with Alex, the weather did not improve; as a matter of fact, it had only become colder, more drafty and cloudier.
When a young police detective sets up a rendezvous with Tina for a little late night ‘questioning,’ he becomes the duo's next victim.