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rend / раздирать, рвать, разрывать
rend, tear, lacerate, rent
tear, break, rip, pick, puke, rend
tear, break, burst, sever, disrupt, rend
tear (something) into two or more pieces.
snapping teeth that would rend human flesh to shreds
When the pain in his side bent him almost double and sweat stung his eyes, blurring his sight, still he flung himself forward, his breath a roar in his ears, his heart feeling as though it would rend itself in his chest.
Our flag is no piece of sheeting for authoritarians to hide behind as they rend our hard-won liberties in the name of ‘protecting’ us from a dangerous world.
And the horde charged once more, their nerves steeled and their war-cries resonating, ready to shred, rend and tear apart any foe, be it human or not.
They were pawns, used to play a game that would otherwise rend the universe apart.
He knew from experience that the whip could rip flesh from bone, and rend good armor into so much scrap metal.
The gryphons swooped on her soldiers and began to rend them apart.
She had the scars to prove that they had learned the hard way how easily a dragon's claws could rend human flesh.
Unfortunately, there's not enough violence here to fully rend and flay, just enough to bruise.
Before you rend any fabric, hear me out, please.
snapping teeth that would rend human flesh to shreds