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rencontre / столкновение, стычка, дуэль
имя существительное
collision, clash, encounter, conflict, impact, rencontre
hassle, skirmish, encounter, engagement, brush, rencontre
duel, dueling, meeting, affair of honor, affair, rencontre
случайная встреча
rencounter, rencontre
случайное столкновение
rencounter, rencontre
приходить в столкновение
clash, rencontre, impinge
случайно сталкиваться
rencontre, rencounter
The last rencontre between Prince and Rusalka, she poised on the steps, he ultimately doing a slow death-cascade down the waterfall below her, was (almost visibly) - melting.
‘I will explain,’ he said, ‘and that you may comprehend all clearly, we will first retrace the course of your meditations, from the moment in which I spoke to you until that of the rencontre with the fruiterer in question.’
Hey all, hope you're enjoying this… Jamie and Kara have their first rencontre in this chap, so read on!
Who else would have put so much energy and resources into bringing 20 Indian writers to their country for a series of ‘ rencontres ’ with the public of this highly literate land?