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renascence / возрождение, оживление, возобновление
имя существительное
revival, rebirth, resurgence, renaissance, regeneration, renascence
liveliness, revival, animation, rally, life, renascence
resumption, renewal, revival, recommencement, continuation, renascence
One English firm was marketing a product called ‘garum’ in the 19th century, for an advertisement appears in an English cookery book of the period; but this seems to have been an isolated survival or renascence .
the renascence of poetry as an oral art
Her current repertoire has evolved entirely within the past two years - no mean feat - and she has undergone an impressive renascence of creative energy.
It was tiled with the utmost care, and painted to a beautiful blend of Spanish, Indian, and renascence decor that blended only better with the richly coloured carpets.
the renascence of poetry as an oral art
A recent renascence of Baptist life in Britain has resulted in Baptist churches being among the limited number of churches that are growing rather than declining.
More than any other man he laid the foundations of the Byzantine literary and philosophical renascence of the 12th cent.
‘And now,’ he solemnly announced, ‘let this day be forever marked in history as the renascence of our glorious kingdom's greatest legacy!’
The spirit of the age led many astrologers to attempt a renascence and reformation in astrology: a return to pre-medieval practice, which they took to be preserved in Ptolemy.
Randolph failed: the South supported the war anyway, enthusiastically, and there was no renascence of Jeffersonian decentralism.