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rename / переименовать, перекрестить, давать новое имя
cross, rename, make the sign of the cross
давать новое имя
give a new name to (someone or something).
after independence Celebes was renamed Sulawesi
You can rename these if you'd like by clicking on the name of the track and typing something else.
Now a member of parliament proposes a motion - that is more drastic - to rename towns and cities with their pre-colonial names.
Harry has decided to rename anything with an awful name, and they get onto the subject of what names mean.
The city is loath to rename an existing street name and has offered a small park outside of the Papineau metro as an alternative.
It appears fully satisfied with the idea that renaming the Outreach Fund will eliminate the stigma of race and gender preferences.
Petrograd was renamed Leningrad in his honour - its third name change.
Almost all of them have been renamed after Indian leaders since Independence.
The zone, like so much else about the occupation, has simply been renamed .
After the war, Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City (though it is still well known by its old name).
We were messing around with some friends and thought it would be funny if they renamed it the Deathstar.