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remunerative / хорошо оплачиваемый, выгодный, вознаграждающий
имя прилагательное
хорошо оплачиваемый
remunerative, well-paid
profitable, advantageous, beneficial, lucrative, expedient, remunerative
remunerative, compensative, compensatory, remunerating
имя прилагательное
financially rewarding; lucrative.
highly remunerative activities
He also gained regular, remunerative employment in the private sector.
No amount is claimed nor was evidence presented to support a claim for loss of remunerative activity.
The Act contains a controversial clause which disallows claims from workers in educational establishments who are deemed to be on customary holiday and in remunerative work.
Many young people simply found cash crop agriculture on the Reserves more remunerative than wage labor on settler farms or in the mines.
In others, village growers simply find it more remunerative to sell coca to drug dealers than to market pineapples at the local mercado.
Whenever your literary productions have proved for themselves that they have a real value, you will never have to go around hunting for remunerative literary work to do.
With meticulous industry, she shows the direction for the student community to pursue remunerative careers, with a high degree of optimism.
They were too busy with the remunerative work of stationary engine building under their patent monopoly to trouble with speculative business.
His writings were remunerative to him far beyond the ordinary measure, yet he never wrote for money.
Promotion of agricultural exports is important for creating conditions for providing remunerative prices to farm produce.