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remunerate / вознаграждать, оплачивать, компенсировать
reward, recompense, remunerate, compensate, pay, gratify
pay, pay for, settle, meet, foot, remunerate
offset, compensate, make up, recoup, indemnify, remunerate
pay (someone) for services rendered or work done.
they should be remunerated fairly for their work
Clearly the onus is on the state to devise more imaginative ways to remunerate teachers.
In fact, all of the aforementioned online distribution channels claimed that they would remunerate artists and labels for the use of copyrighted material.
The company said that these costs were expensed through the profit and loss account in the normal way and were a cost-efficient way for Elan to remunerate staff.
I should remunerate you for your additional service, seeing as how this order was particularly large.
There will always be an important role for subsidies in farming, to remunerate farmers for environmental services and to assist farming in particularly marginal areas.
There is nothing to prevent the principal from remunerating the agent by a commission varying according to the amount of the profit obtained by the sale.
While businesses are constantly looking for innovative methods of remunerating their key staff, there may be unexpected pension pitfalls where the executives involved are high earners.
At the moment, the act, amongst other loopholes, does not make clear distinctions between brokers, agents and consultants and how they should be remunerated .
The amount of money a worker is remunerated for carrying out specific tasks has more to do with market conditions, such as a skill shortage and the employer's eagerness to attract that skill, than the performance of the person in that role.
Up to 1779, employees were essentially remunerated with salaries.