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removal / удаление, устранение, отстранение
имя существительное
remove, removal, deletion, disposal, excision, ablation
elimination, removal, disposal, ablation, resection, riddance
removal, dismissal
имя существительное
the action of taking away or abolishing something unwanted.
the removal of the brain tumor
John and Ken are also targeting an incumbent Democrat for removal from office.
opposition parties demanded his immediate removal from office
And while the task force prepares to fully hand over the Haiti operation to UN troops, Aristide's removal from power is still not without its opponents.
the removal of all legal barriers to the free movement of goods
There was a removal van outside the next door neighbours.
If a removal firm cannot remove furniture from a house without exposing its employees to unacceptable risk then it can and should refuse to do the job.
But it was Whitlam who telephoned Buckingham Palace on November 11 after his removal from office by the Australian Governor-General.
He was at that time working in the removal business and had no experience as a funeral director or undertaker.
After doing this, look for a furniture removal company.
Though it is not sinking, removal vans gather at the Clarendon Building