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remould / новый протектор
имя существительное
новый протектор
remold, retread, remould
remold, remould
change, vary, betray, alter, transform, remould
put a new tread on (a worn tire).
имя существительное
a tire that has been given a new tread.
did the welfare state remould capitalism to give it a more human face?
That dominance is being eroded as complementary medicine therapists use public pressure to remould outdated power structures into more pluralistic power sharing.
Such ‘revisions’ from those who seek to remould his music into something that suits their purposes better generally remain unchallenged.
As the new American imperialism seeks to remould the Middle East in its own image so Howard rather more modestly plans to shake up the South Pacific.
While we may not be able to completely remould the world in one lifetime, we need to get the ball rolling.
The desire for remoulding an institution to make it more egalitarian is not the same as destroying it.
By the age of six months, the cartilage is too hard to be remoulded and a surgical operation is required.
They are similar in the second half, but even here the director has freely remoulded them.
So he invents a child of his own - a toddler called Ned - and remoulds himself as a 21st century single father.
Graphic design criticism, however, is trying to expand and remold graphic design's self-awareness, with unfamiliar and hopefully some novel tools of our own, so of course it's in crisis.