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remorse / раскаяние, угрызения совести, сожаление
имя существительное
repentance, remorse, contrition, regret, penitence, penance
угрызения совести
remorse, pangs of conscience, compunction, qualms of conscience, pang, pangs
regret, pity, remorse, sorrow, repentance, rue
имя существительное
deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed.
they were filled with remorse and shame
There was no remorse or guilt in any of the conspirators, only pride at doing the right thing.
He is called upon to express remorse and modified anguish a couple of times, which he carries off easily.
they were filled with remorse and shame
Very often he is feeling guilt or shame or remorse for something he has done.
However, the periods of remorse do not inhibit further episodes of acting out behaviour.
They showed desperation, ruthlessness and remorse among other things.
She did not even feel the slightest bit of anger or remorse as she felt her hands lift up the gun.
When faced with the sight of the dead crocodile, the man was filled with tremendous remorse and burst into tears.
they were filled with remorse and shame
Often beset by regret and remorse they seek, but do not always find, redemption in various forms.