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remonstrate / протестовать, возражать, увещевать
protest, object, rebel, remonstrate, outcry, deprecate
mind, object, object to, protest, contradict, remonstrate
exhort, admonish, remonstrate, coax, expostulate
make a forcefully reproachful protest.
he turned angrily to remonstrate with Tommy
he turned angrily to remonstrate with Tommy
The next day it voted to remonstrate yet again against the king's reply to the protestations of the thirteenth.
Shouting for it to stop, he propped his charge against a wall and went to remonstrate with the impertinent driver.
he turned angrily to remonstrate with Tommy
Despite their remonstrations with the owner's employee they were forced to pay a fee of £40 for release.
We sense this as he remonstrates at one point by cellular phone with his parents in Tehran about a funeral at which he should be present, yet which he will have to miss, on account of his work, except for the seventh day of mourning.
The reaction in Spain has been, to the best of my knowledge, the first openly remonstrative instance of people ignoring government propaganda and making up their own minds.
Taking his privilege as a dying man and the king's uncle, Gaunt remonstrates with him, calling him England's landlord rather than her king.
At the same time his wife, Nina, remonstrates with him to assume the mantle of what she regards as his responsibility to bear witness: ‘Survivors are witnesses, and when they are gone there will be nothing left’.
A section of the conductors in the city buses, despite their remonstrations about their work load, are shrewd enough to find the situation a ‘blessing in disguise’ to stash money in bits and pieces.