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remodel / переделывать, реконструировать
alter, rework, remake, remodel, redo, recast
reconstruct, remodel, rebuild, restore, rehabilitate, overhaul
change the structure or form of (something, especially a building, policy, or procedure).
the station was remodeled and enlarged in 1927
With great determination and energy she led the fundraising to buy and remodel the buildings as the Pier Arts Centre.
Then it's time to remodel a home office or guest bedroom to include substantial shelving.
They build another floor on top and sell the apartments but they also have to remodel the building, fix the lifts and the general upkeep of their homes.
The family had exhausted all their savings just buying the essentials for everyday life and didn't have the time or the money to remodel the house by themselves.
In 1969, the Chata Development company, which builds and remodels homes, and constructs offices and buildings for the nation, was established.
Patient confidence in medical procedures was shown to increase after the medical facility was remodeled .
When the building was remodelled in 1789, the boxes were replaced by galleries, for which tickets could be purchased by anyone who could afford them.
When the building was originally remodeled , I had a series of passageways installed behind the walls on every floor.
We recently remodeled our facility, and in that process, the soiled utility/decontamination area was converted to an office.
Green building is about reducing environmental impact, whether in remodeling a home or planning a community.