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remnant / остаток, пережиток, след
имя существительное
residue, balance, remainder, rest, remnant, residual
relic, survival, remnant, holdover, hangover, leftover
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, remnant
имя существительное
a small remaining quantity of something.
It happened in front of the Western Wall, the last remnant of the Second Temple.
имя прилагательное
remnant strands of hair
In low-income countries with small remnant forest areas, for instance the Ivory Coast, population growth appears to increase the rate of deforestation.
Nine hundred years later, the remnant of their empire is a small, weary nation, divided between two countries, with a bad reputation due west, and a genetic legacy like no other, stretching from the Pacific to the Caspian Sea.
Wolves do not need orders, some remnant of her tribal pride growled.
The maneuverability of Opportunity is a factor as well, because remnant boulders from the impact may litter the rim.
Everywhere he looked twisted beams loomed up out of the sand like monoliths, the only remnant of a destroyed civilization.
There is still a major issue in terms of managing all of the remnant vegetation.
It happened in front of the Western Wall, the last remnant of the Second Temple.
The concept of a remnant emerges - a faithful minority whose response to God is sincere and who thereby single themselves out as the bearers of a unique commission to the rest of the nation.
The frogs occupy a 16-ha stand of remnant native forest on Maud Island.
You can even make your own by using two foot high section of a four by four, two foot by two foot piece of heavy plywood and a carpet remnant .