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remix / ремикс
  • dance remix - танцевальный ремикс
mix (something) again.
Each dungeon has been redesigned to offer new challenges - and in turn, mess with returning players by remixing the puzzles and the room progression completely.
имя существительное
a different version of a musical recording produced by remixing.
Sting has quite clearly taken the third path and seduced a host of new fans through remixes , cover versions and car commercials.
I'm going to wait for the disco remix , and it's going to be great.
He makes a jazz album first, and then allows separate ground for the turntablists to remix five of the original tracks.
I remember asking if I could get a DJ to remix one of my tracks, and they called him and it was $20,000 to do the mix.
It's like with remixing, I'll remix anybody, especially stuff that I was really into when I was a kid, like Depeche Mode or Anne Clark.
Every song comes out as the hip-hop remix .
As the electronic descendant of the lowly ‘cover version,’ the remix has become an inventive genre in its own right.
And I believe this is the techno remix version.
Are you quite choosy in the tracks you decide to remix ?
So he should immediately farm this whole record out to all kinds of good producers who could remix it entirely and try to make it better.
remix album